Stream the latest to your customers

The perfect way to notify customers about live shopping events and discounts

Works on any website


Message streaming is the new way

Livescream is the news ticker for your online store.
Urge your customers to browse for more.

1. Add your messages

Announce your live shopping events and discounts.

2. Let the news slide

Set a timer and Livescream will display and hide offers automatically.

3. Communication done

Customers read the entire message. Well done.

You are reading this now, and your customers will read your message too. This is how you stream messages. We call it Livescream. Keep scrolling to learn more ...

Tell more with less

It's not a coincidence that all news channels use scrolling text to tell people about things. Let the latest slide and get all customers know about all deals & promotions.


Extend an invite

Your live shopping event is happening now. Make sure your customers know what's going on in your store by displaying a news ticker on your website.

Blazing Fast

Livescream is extremely fast and has no effect on the speed of your website, regardless of where you connect to the internet.


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